Adult baby dating free one night stand sites

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Adult baby dating

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Soon she will read you a story, play every game you can imagine, give you a warm bottle, keep you dry, safe, and happy.

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A friend is doing online and met a what seemed like a great guy.

Anyone willing to date a guy acting like this: a visit to a shrink too...

Infantilists often wear nappies, may drink from a baby bottle and/or be wet-nursed (sometimes simulated), crawl about the floor, have baby baths, eat baby foods, play with baby toys, be spanked, and may roleplay and regress to an infant-like state.

Our Nurseries have terry towelling and disposable nappies in abundance.

The woman scoops you into her arms and hugs you tightly before tickling the tip of your nose with an index finger.

She spins you around the room in her embrace, softly singing your favorite lullaby.

Wrapped in diapers and a little bonnet, snuggly warm under a blanket with a teddy bear tucked under one arm.

Imagine opening your eyes and seeing a kind face peering down at you, smiling gently.

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This guy has a single major problem - he suffers a disorder called paraphilic infantilism (also known as autonepiophilia, and adult baby syndrome).