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Adult friend f8nder

During the survey period it was found, that 16 percent of respondents who were married and either very or somewhat happy, reported that they were current users.

Furthermore, 58 percent of respondents within that survey group stated that they had never used Adult Friend Finder.

We have the lists, they have the lists, it’s a simple lookup.

Whilst I appreciate it’s our responsibility to protect our data there are some seemingly easy measures that could be put in place to stop the use of these extremely common words.

That over 100 million passwords were apparently stored in plaintext is, frankly, ridiculous.

If true, the mastermind behind that idea should probably be feeling very uneasy about their future job prospects right now.

The methods used were considered poor practise by some and terrible by others.

Whilst probably not at the same level, the Adult Friend Finder breach data does contain several thousand and email addresses.We know these passwords are out there, we know they are easily cracked, we know we should not be using them but we still do, it makes no sense.Companies need to start putting in measures to stop these passwords being used.But for all intents and purposes, it looks as if security wasn’t even an afterthought.Not only were passwords stored with trivial protection, but accounts that users had deleted, appeared to not have been deleted at all.

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Yes it’s our job to be responsible but on the same note they should encourage high standards and do more than the required basics to keep it safe.” Lee Munson, Security Researcher for “The Adult Friend Finder hack, like many that have gone before it, and many that will come after, highlights the poor approach to security taken by even the biggest sites on the web.