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Adult friend finder breach

Estimated cost: million Heartland Payment Systems, a payment processor based in New Jersey, is responsible for processing payments for more than a quarter of a million businesses.Unfortunately, malware planted on the company’s computer network was able to successfully record data from over 100 million credit cards.While it's the largest data breaches that grab our attention, even smaller information security failures can have a big impact on a business, reducing its credibility, turning off current and potential clients, and making individuals far more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

Just ask the folks at Yahoo, which just last year reported that in 20, the company experienced 2 breaches that resulted in 1.5 billion user accounts becoming compromised. Since finding out about it, Verizon has slashed their acquisition offer price by 0 million to .48 billion, down from the .83 billion it previously offered.

We’ll also answer other questions you might have about some of the biggest (and worst) information security incidents in recent history, such as: How much have the biggest breaches cost?

How many customer or user accounts did they expose?

Finally, it’s important to note that while some companies discovered a breach relatively quickly after it occurred (unlike Yahoo, which didn’t discover its breach for 4 years), many did not understand the full extent of the breach until months or years later.

It’s important to remember that at Linked In, a breach they first thought had only affected only 6.5 million customers ended impacting 165 million.

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