Adult friend x

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Adult friend x

If we ourselves have caused the fissure, we self-criticize.

Either way, we’re grieving a part of us we think we can’t be without.

surveyed over 1,000 people for their perspective on how difficult they believe it is to find friends as an adult, and how many friends most people actually have.

Millennials were most likely to go to a bar to seek out someone new.

Whether it’s a case of someone saying the wrong thing, falling through on an important commitment, or simply fading away, we can’t always control what goes wrong in our friendships.

But we can determine how the breakup—or make-up—affects us emotionally, says LA-based depth psychologist Dr.

Q What’s the psychology behind friendship breakups—why are they so painful?

A Regardless of how long it’s been, when we talk to certain friends, it’s as if no time had passed at all.

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On average, it had been about a year or more since the average Gen X or Millennial had made a new friend, but it had only been 10 months since a Baby Boomer had made a new buddy.

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