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No sense in pretending this isn’t an issue; few things generate as much traffic online as pornography.

One company alone — Pornhub — said it attracted 23 billion visits from around the world last year, and they collectively viewed nearly 92 billion videos.

A: Users should ignore this message and they should not call the toll free phone number that typically appears with it.

This message is associated with adware that hawks flaky support services.

Q: Does a person face an unusually high risk of downloading malicious software — or malware — if they visit a porn site? Porn sites generally don’t have more malware than other kinds of sites. They keep click-click-clicking on links that promise free, high-definition porn.

The more you do that, the greater your risk of installing malware.

Q: Are there a lot of hackers making a lot of money by placing malware on porn sites?Those support agents are likely to have a “seen it all before” attitude and are not going to be judgmental, unless of course the content is clearly illegal, such as child pornography.Q: Is it possible that a person could unknowingly download child porn from virtually any site on the web?Q: Don’t porn sites sometimes experience malware problems that they’re actively trying to avoid?I read a news story on The Next that said ESET researchers discovered earlier this year consumers were being tricked into downloading malware that was hidden in what appeared to be a legitimate mobile app for Pornhub. But I’d say that the porn industry has helped pioneer things like video streaming and online payment services, and they don’t want to do things that hurt their businesses. Q: As you said, many people are too embarrassed to admit that they downloaded malware from a porn site.

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They’re questions many ponder, but most are too embarrassed to answer: Are internet porn sites filled with malicious software?

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