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”That’s the logic behind the deep-rooted misconception that bisexual people are incapable of monogamy — or that the bisexual person is actually gay or straight (they’re not), which would cause them to leave you for someone of a different gender.This fear is baseless and only causes unnecessary paranoia in the relationship.There’s no proof that bisexual people are more prone to cheating than anyone else.When you date a straight or gay person who cheats on your relationship, you don’t swear off all straight or gay people.

Which is why there’s arguably nothing that scares a date off more than announcing you’re bisexual.But bisexuality is a legitimate sexual identity, and being bisexual doesn’t mean that person is incapable of being in a committed relationship.There may be other things about your bi partner that may make them undateable. Being attracted to multiple genders allows bisexuals to be attracted to individuals for far more than just their physical appearance.(That being said, if you’re one of the chosen, you must have it going on.)The distrust of bisexual people often stems from the perceived flippancy of the status.“I tried [my sexual fluidity], but I was called ‘selfish,’ ‘confused,’ and ‘doing it for attention,'” one bisexual woman told Buzz Feed.But being open to relationships with various genders or identifying as sexually fluid doesn’t mean you have no standards for commitment.

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They may spurn them to avoid bi people romantically altogether, or even engage in damaging biphobia.