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Posted by / 20-Sep-2020 18:09

" But Minaj has dismissed the criticism and released the music video for her latest single Megatron this week - which showed her grinding on Petty.

Speaking on Queen Radio, she said she is now in her "happy place" and enjoying her "downtime".

Nicki Minaj makes headlines for nearly everything she does these days.The year started with headlines for Minaj, with news of her and Nas’ breakup in January 2018; her feud with Cardi B has been a hot topic for most of the year; and it looks like the year will end with headlines for Minaj, too.New boyfriend, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, may be the most controversial topic of the year for the Minaj’s boyfriend served jail time after being convicted of attempted rape when he was 16 years old.That year, while collecting an award at the MTV VMAs, Minaj took to the stage.She said to host Cyrus: "Back to this b**** that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press.

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The two were first spotted cozying up shortly after Thanksgiving.