Dating a free spirit

Posted by / 30-Aug-2020 02:44

Dating a free spirit

I’m often labeled as a “free spirit.”At first, I wasn’t sure what this label was supposed to mean.

It seemed like such a trivial way to categorize such complex beings. But some introspecting, I realized I may have inherited this title from the woman who raised me: My mother. She was child of the 60s and 70s; she made her own clothes, dated men on her own terms, always spoke her mind and had a mess of thick, Italian-American hair, which she never wanted to tame.

I was discussing this with someone today, and though i'd get more opinions on this subject.

I'd like to think that opposites attract, but i think that's a notion that applies to younger individuals as opposed to older, more mature couples looking for long term stability and financial security.

Free spirits have an incredible thirst for knowledge.

We're constantly attempting to make sense of the world in which we dwell.

When she is asked to deliver, however, she delivers 100 percent (and then some).

We feel spiritually claustrophobic when we're faced with days of constant similarity.Instead, when she is ready, she will seek out someone who is strong enough to keep up with her. Free spirits need passion, understanding and patience from our lovers.Because our brains are moving at a million miles per minute, we only invite in those who can enrich us.One day, we may be practicing Buddhism and the next day, we may be interested in Astrology.We take in all religion and spirituality, and we construct these beliefs into a single ideology that fits within our lives.

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We wear makeup, dye our hair and do or do not shave our armpits because we want to.