Dating a sex offender reddit

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Dating a sex offender reddit

All three respondents report issues to one degree or another with their families.

DG is single with no children, so only his parents and sister have been directly affected.

People tell me how strong of a person I am and that they love that about me.

I have made some really strong friendships, and I am so grateful for that.”ST has had a different experience. It truly is a loner’s existence.” He adds, “Most of the people I meet are either young parents or they’re looking to have a family; either scenario is an automatic disqualifier for me.”Do you find it difficult to date?

My close friends in both programs know my entire history, and they accept that what I did is part of my past but it doesn’t define who I am today.

I also have a couple of non-recovery friends who know my full story and accept me as I am today, not as the offender that I once was. For instance, there are a few people that I really do like, but I have not shared my full background with them because I sense it would cause problems.”JL says that at times she has been rejected by friends and people she went to school with.

Please note: I have chosen to refer to the respondents only by their initials: DG, JL, and ST.

“I feel like he thinks a lot about my kids and how they will be affected by this as they get older.In my previous post to this site I presented the first portion of my three-part interview with a trio of sex offenders, one female and two male.In the previous post we talked about their offense and the registration process.He worries about that above all else, which he rightfully should.I respect his concern, and also his disappointment.”ST says, “For reasons unrelated to my designation as a sex offender, I don’t have the bonds I would like to have with my immediate family.

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That has been the case for many years now.” He adds, “Due to his religious beliefs, my biological father has forsaken me.

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  1. Most dates don't turn into anything, which means that a man who is way too serious (some would say desperate) makes a woman feel like she's crushing his hopes and dreams if she rejects him.