Fetlife quiz

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Fetlife quiz

It’s like the but with less chance for the appearance of questionable 1970s fashion.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at pm EST, potential daters and viewers can engage in a live trivia session with a bachelorette.

It claims to mimic HQ Trivia, the popular quiz app that for a while, entertained a good portion of my Twitter feed.

It was developed by co-founders Kenji Yamazaki and Mariko Tokioka, the creators of the very popular Asian dating app East Meets East.

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So Dan Savage may be right – there are benefits to being GGG.

Right now, it’s bachelorettes but Quiz Date has immediate plans following launch to expand to male bachelor and LGBTQ episodes, making sure to be as inclusive as possible.It’s a lot tougher to lie about yourself when you are on a live feed, on either side of it.There are three rounds after the initial livestream Q&A, then a winner is chosen, kind of like real life except with a lot less alcohol and awkward social posturing.Round one is multiple choice questions based on the livestream from the previous night.Winners are the players who get all the questions correct, so take notes.

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Swipe, swipe, swipe, chat, meet, ghost, make out, swipe, chat, rinse, repeat.

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  1. Changes in the last few years have made Ok Cupid a bit more like Tinder (both owned by the same company) focusing more on swiping and eliminating the ability to message a user without matching with them first.