Free cougar dating sites

Posted by / 18-Nov-2020 12:27

Women argue that younger partners are more cheerful and have a more relaxed attitude to life.But meanwhile they recognize that older men are more gallant and reliable.That’s why middle-aged women with young people are called cougars.Thirty-six percent of women say that older men are too conservative, too dependent on their own life standards, immensely angry and irritable. Every fifth woman thinks that they are more boring; and more often, fail in bed.Studies have shown that the greater the age difference, the happier a woman can be.Scientifically, the puma (cougar) effect is when the female species of these adorable animals prefer younger partners.

You may find thousands of possible partners who are looking for friendship, sex, and love.

There are many examples of happy marriages that could not take place without a dating site.

After all, the probability of meeting people who live hundreds of kilometers apart, is negligible.

A survey of thousands of women explained that a young lover or husband allows a woman to feel younger by an average of four years.

But do not delude yourself, every medal has its drawbacks.

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