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Designers pay much attention to keeping it not only beautiful but also readable and scannable with typographic hierarchy and choice of proper fonts.

Yet, there is a noticeable trend contrasting to the previous one: more and more websites and apps are based around typography as the core of the user experience design and attractiveness, with no images at all.

The peak of the summertime is the time not only for holidays but also for the look back at what has been popular for the first half of the year.

These can be all types of visuals: photos, illustrations, abstract compositions or specially rendered visualizations.

The approach makes the screens visually and emotionally appealing as well as informative, as the image instantly captures users’ attention much faster this way.

Also, it supports the feeling of the integrity of all the layout elements.

Bold and catchy typography as a crucial part of any design concept continues to keep its high presence in web and mobile layouts.

It’s even hard to call it a trend as it should be seen as a default and vital part of the UI design process.

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For example, informative and catchy taglines have shown growing presence as a part of web interfaces, especially in landing pages.

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