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They get extra eyeroll points if the bio uses a corny phrase like "we're queering heterosexuality."She's basically your dad or older brother in lesbian form. She mostly wears sweatshirts and jerseys but has one or two pictures of her in a suit in her profile.

Even if she's not your type you can't help but admire how comfortable in her butchness she is. She compares her pet ownership to having an actual human child.

I'm talking about a girl from my university whose entire Tinder bio was "If you think eating fast food is justifiable for any reason, we already have nothing in common," the "if you're not a vegan, you're a bad person" crowd, the crowd that types "technology is ruining genuine human connection" into a messaging app on a smartphone, or anyone who wants to argue about which non-straight sexual orientation group is "the most radical." I envy those of you who are blissfully unaware of this online dating phenomenon.

This is when a couple, either a straight man and a straight woman or a straight man and a bisexual woman, create a joint Tinder account to look for a bisexual woman to "spice up their sex life." Usually the woman is pretty but the man looks like a truck for some reason.

This woman is on the other extreme end of the Annoyingly Gold Star.

You probably like about half of the things she listed.

She's the lesbian equivalent of gay men's Masc4Masc type.

You can smell her internalized misogyny and homophobia from a mile away.

She is a femme strictly looking for other femmes and who thinks butch lesbians "make the community look bad" or some shit. Her bio probably includes the phrase "I don't do hookups, I respect myself," the classic implication being that women who do hook up don't respect themselves.

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She has only dated men before but wants to try out being with a woman without committing. It becomes a problem when the language she uses reflects a desire to treat her hookup like a human sex toy.