Love sex and dating part 2 free sex chat and dating

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Love sex and dating part 2

In particular, this circuit is concerned with genetic fitness of the individual.

Here the idea of beauty comes in – beauty has coevolved over the generations and manifests in individuals with good genetics.

Compare this to mating with that nerdy dork with a huge wart on his nose – your brain is repulsed by his appearance, because in principle your children would be just as unattractive, causing them to have harder time finding mates and having successful offspring of their own.

And it might take an equal amount of investment to raise children from these two potential partners, thus your biology is primed to bet on mating with attractive people.

Thus you feel more attracted to beautiful people for reasons of their good genes.

Now your deepest goal is to find your own lasting love.That was about 100,000 years ago, and our brains did not have time to adapt to the modern environment.That’s a very bad thing – deep down we simply cannot comprehend such basic modern concepts as: The list can go on, and it means that in each one of these domains we have inherited a set of default behavior which is maladaptive to the modern life. They are difficult, complicated, rewarding and sometimes befuddling. Once this something is achieved, you think that the happily ever after will finally arrive.Well, I have a good thing and a bad thing to tell you. Your brain is built according to a blueprint from your DNA.

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