Mingle2 dating site free friend finder adult

Posted by / 30-Nov-2020 21:49

The sexual degenerates will start off with a good conversation then it quickly turn into a foul and replusive language from the perverts.The scammers don't usually talk perverted sexual language.Every such profile I would talk to would ask me to first Paytm amounts of Rs 300/500/1000 first before even confirming themselves on the phone or video..

It's basically 97% of female profiles with "Hi..." and always put "I'll tell you later" under the interest section.

Mingle2 was the worsted experience that I have had on a dating site.

Everyday I received several messages from scammers. I also got lured into conversations with perverted sexual degenerates.

I was warned by forum moderator to stop posting and warning people about scammers that this site is full of, how ridiculous is that?

This site is full of fake profiles and scammers fishing for emails.

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I don't have or dedicate alot of time to sit on line trying to figure things out. I was on there for a couple months n Tha past and nvr got banned for something I didn't evn know I did wrong.