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Let's start somewhere extremely practical yet often not acknowledged in discussions on privacy and anonymity.This is a fundamentally important questions because it greatly impacts the defences you apply.Alternatively, go out and buy a cheap SIM that's enough to receive an SMS on.Some countries require you to verify your identity in order to do this, but if you're simply protecting your identity from the broader community then that's not a problem, it's not a number that will be publicly linked to you.

Many of the data breaches I come across have numerous Mailinator addresses in them for precisely this reason.I'm going to focus on what's readily accessible to the bulk of the population.If you don't want your participation in certain sites going public, then this will be useful.The email address is the first, most logical step and honestly this is a huge portion of the anonymity story as it relates to identities being spread around the web when a system is compromised. Consider the data that many sites request on signup: name, location (possibly your exact address), date of birth, phone number etc.If protecting your identity is indeed important to you, consider what these values should be.

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