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My friend pedro adult swim

Killing multiple enemies in a short amount of time starts a multiplier, which keeps compounding as you rack up the bodies.The key to getting a good score in any level is to be quick and efficient, yet planned and methodical – tracing the optimal path through the level to keep your combo streak going while dispatching enemies mid-backflip-pirouette.Score hunting is the name of the game in My Friend Pedro.Each level has its own set of global leaderboards, challenging players to achieve the highest possible score they can.You’ll also be treated to an action-replay of the “coolest” kill you did.You earn points by making the most of the game’s various parkour mechanics, which are designed to make you feel like an action hero.

And to make things even more exciting Victor decided to leave England (where he'd been living during his time with Media Molecule) and move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During his time in Brazil he picked up his indie endeavors where he had left them and started working on 'Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story', a free Flash-game sponsored by Adult Swim Games. "Led by your imaginary friend (who happens to be a banana) you embark on an adventure that mainly involves blasting inconsiderate gangsters in the face with a wide variety of weapons.Developer: Dead Toast Entertainment Based in Malmo, Sweden Founding date: Started in 2006, but officially a company since November 2014 Website: Press / Business contact: [email protected] Com Releases: My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas My Friend Pedro (original Flash Game)Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story Phone: --- Dead Toast Entertainment is the sole effort of Victor Agren and is used as a brand for him to release his video games through.After continuous outcrys for more, it made sense to turn this small Flash game in to a proper thing.And so Dead Toast Entertainment is currently working on "My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas" together with publishing partner Devolver Digital.

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Enemies have flimsy AI and don’t pose much threat, and your deaths will mostly be attributed to environmental hazards like bottomless pits.

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