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Nude date site

Sending naked pictures has long been possible, but in the 21st century it's astonishingly easy.The Guyliner spoke to men and women about when to send them, how to shoot them and how to keep yourself safe There’s no getting away from it, we’re a world of oversharers.Journalist Calvin reckons it’s an extension of the already popular thirst traps, the next level of seduction.“Theoretically people have more dating options than ever,” he says.Emma continues: “Friends of mine have said ‘it’s fine, I think I look great so whatever’ but I don’t think that’s really the point.It’s not There’s a vestigial ickiness looking back at nudes you shared when you were younger.

There definitely seems to be a culture of pressuring for nudes in the gay community.”So if nudes are now totally normal – a pretty tame activity to younger generations, it seems – what’s stopping those who don’t send them?

“Sending nudes is great fun; I haven’t had anyone to send them to me for a while and I kind of miss that adrenaline rush,” she says.

Unprompted nudes can have their place, she reckons, but “generally with someone who I’ve been chatting with or dating; I wouldn’t send them to a stranger”.

“I’m trying really hard to overcome it,” he says, “but the pressure of being perfect – and as a result, sending nudes that people want to see – is insane."The concern for privacy is growing following high-profile data compromises and the leaking of A-list nudes.

While you can never be sure who’s going to see them, there’s a burgeoning industry focused on keeping your nudes private.

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It’s well-known the regular, jeans-on selfies can be a confidence boost – either to reaffirm your attractiveness or garner interactions on social media – so it’s fairly obvious nudes can do the same for sexual confidence.