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One night stand dating site

Online dating services are now hip with young adults, but not always for dating.

Credit mobile dating apps such as Tinder, which incorporate fun elements and are dead simple to use.

In true fashion, the Blacks met twice — once when Mark was 20 and spotted Mary at a beach in Minnesota, and then again five years later at a broomball tournament.

They started talking and eventually began a casual relationship.

But in many cases, casual sex can lead to something more serious.

While there's no reliable data to suggest how often this actually happens, according to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, as many as 30% of relationships have started out as one-night stands.

That's why it's important to be open about your feelings right off the bat.

When Tyler Holmes first met Tori Mc Donough on Tinder, he wasn't looking for a long-term relationship.

They'd flirted for a few months before Mc Donough had asked him out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

“We’d agreed ahead of time that this was just going to be a general meet-up, so we could gauge interest first and make sure neither of us were serial killers,” says Holmes, 28, an engineer and pole dance instructor in Seattle.

“The idea was to move toward something casual, but there was no intention of anything happening this first meetup." The night they met, Mc Donough walked into the restaurant wearing a TARDIS dress, a reference to the cult classic .

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“It felt like it was going to be something temporary, so it was easy to just kind of lay out wants and needs early.” Related: 5 Women Reveal Why They Went Home With Him So can relationships that started out as casual flings actually last?

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