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Sex addict dating

I have stopped relying on alcohol because I didn’t like the person I was turning into.

For a long time I felt like a stranger in my own life.

I know my husband would not be here today if I had told more people. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and although the impact has lessened, I still feel on high alert for the next catastrophe that could happen.

We were married 20 years with four kids when I found out about his sex addiction.

The Rutland Centre has seen a rise in the numbers seeking help for sexual addiction.

In 2009, 1 per cent of its clients were treated for sex addiction and that figure has now risen to 5 per cent.

He was out one evening in March 2011 and I picked up his laptop.

He hadn’t closed down the webpage he had been on and it opened in an email account which he had been using to live a separate life for years.

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There were many times when the pain was so bad that I wanted to die.

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