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Tumblr’s definition of what constitutes permissible adult content fails to recognise the value of this kind of work.

Steve Jobs himself has stated: Designating representations of sex to the private, personal realm, outside of the public or political sphere, obscures the fact that heterosexual intimacies saturate public culture.Pornography became a pejorative term that served to preserve and maintain the status of art.Although Tumblr maintains its policy change was unrelated to its failure to effectively filter child pornography, the decision comes against the backdrop of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which was passed in the United States in April.There is evidence about the human rights impact of anti-trafficking campaigns, which can victimise those they are intended to protect.But the pressure to be seen as proactive partners in response to trafficking and child abuse is so significant that tech companies are willing to erase sex completely from their platforms and accept sex as a necessary casualty.

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Corporate monopolies now have a greater impact than national classifiers on what material the public can access.

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