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We must assess if the second, radically different version of the radical dating experiment actually worked.

Well, spoiler alert, nobody is getting naked-married. Instead, old loves came back to haunt the naked island after many days (three weeks) in search of closure — or perhaps a second chance at love.

R., his drunken demeanor rubbed her the wrong way, and she ultimately chose Alika, despite his assertion that he wasn’t looking for a serious commitment.

It seems he had a change of heart — the couple will be married in a “Dating Naked” wedding special airing Sept.

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Right now, WITHOUT regsitering, you can Search our members, View unlimited profiles, Read our forums, Browse member groups, view all member photos, and much more.VH1's new show, Dating Naked, just premiered tonight and now I finally get to talk about the awesome experience I had while filming. Proof: VG,q57JRvp VG,q57JRvp#1I know this was on TV, but how do you not just want to have sex when you're hanging out with someone attractive that is also naked?I haven't seen the show, so maybe watching would answer that.The pair went surfing for their date, and the two free spirits got on well enough that they had sex that night.Although Ashley was also attracted to her third date, the equally tanned and tattooed J.

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