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Sites sex

Read more » by Julie Halpin Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Julie Halpin I feel like a curious child stumbling through the world of the unknown, mesmerized by anything new and easily distracted by something shiny.

As I fumble through the stages of crawling, walking, and talking I am easily frustrated but excited and anxious to keep…

Read more » Looking for further your academic studies in human sexuality? If we missed any, send a note to [email protected] Ed and we’ll update and repost!

GRADUATE and UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS American Academy of Clinical Sexologists North Miami, FL Ph. – pastoral clinical sexology Prepares students for sex therapy certification in Florida (a requirement in…

Read more » by Courtney Peters Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma “I teach people about sex.” This is how I used to approach the situation when asked about my profession.

I quickly realized that this statement elicited some very strange looks and many unwanted replies.

Over the last 16 months, I have learned to elaborate, and now my… Ed Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan A funny thing happened on the way to looking for a new job.

I found a career that I could be proud of: sex education.

Read more » by Laura Deitsch Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Laura Deitsch On a Saturday night in late August 1984, my best friend was babysitting at her regular gig.

Read more » Daniela Vallez by Daniela Vallez Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains When I tell people what I do, people usually are quick to tell me their story about how they never had a class on sex education, or they explain how awkward it was.

When I ask them why it was so awkward, they usually… by Niala Terrell-Mason Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Niala Terrell-Mason I teach sex ed because someone has to.

Overall, hotlines run by Polaris got reports of 201 cases of sex and labor trafficking, involving 1,300 potential victims at cantinas and bars in 20 U. While cases of trafficking in brothels have been the subject of high-profile prosecutions, only a small number of prosecutions have focused on cantinas, mostly in Houston, the report said.

Cases can be hard to investigate and prosecute because traffickers and owners may hide their ownership of cantinas or liquor licenses, and because victims are too scared to testify in court, afraid that traffickers will retaliate by hurting their families, Polaris said.

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I get paid to discuss the most common but the most uncomfortable topic in this nation. Read more » Jessi Ensenberger “You Can’t Get Pregnant Standing Up”: Why America Should Beef Up on Peer Education by Jessi Ensenberger, Planned Parenthood of Indiana Last year I became a peer educator with Planned Parenthood of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana.