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Tag dating site free

please beware of this user I been with Tagged since 2012 and since 2017 the site is changed and overrun by girls who looking to sell their nudes, escorts, or anyone who they can ask for money.Ever since places like backpage and craiglist closed its now overrun by girls who trying to sell their p***y.He will play you and make you believe he wants marriage but really all he wants is ass I was setup account last week, I always real person photo & real information about my life, I tried get new real girlfriend in UK area but they too many scammers & fake profiles that stolen pictures from owner websites & some porn sites.I got 5 scammers/fakes message me & 2 scammers/fakes want meet me but still 0 real women message me & 0 real women want meet me.I find it strange that a so called dating site would make a game that gave bonuses on the NUMBERS / STATS of the pets that were purchase....a LOVING DATING site would in my opinion reward those that were LOVING... This happens because anyone can create a app or a website....when in fact a lot just signed on once, or they quit, or they were created by a tagged group to make a pet run.

The site needs to clean out all the scammers and those that have not visited the site for a very long time.i think i know what she means ..i reviewed of times but only my latest review showed up...another review of same site seems to archive any previous reviews of same site..searching tagged on te search button here If you have been OFF LINE for more than 3 months...they say "3 months ago" yes, proper English translation should be "More than 3 months ago" Obviously Tagged does this to look like there are many pets...I from Holland i had a relationship with this guy Didi his name is we slept together many times in space of 7 days i thought he was homosexual wow Beware everybody it looks like!!!!I have same pictures " data-username="Sammy  B." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Sammy B." data-details="Photo uploaded on 5/10/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/tagged.com#photo_109473" data-browse-link="/photos/tagged.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Tagged photos" Had been taking to dude meet on Tagged for 3yrs we video called for 3 yrs talked everyday he sent me pictures of his boy child i even spoke to his child many times we made plans, Had opportunity to go he pay 4 have my trip even Didi or Jayden took me around Amsterdam 24hs only i slept with him seemed natural stayed the night he said he had to go gym next day he left realised he stolen all my money, tablet and 1phone Never saw him again came back home went to sexual health clinic found out i had STD only been in 1 relationship married for 10 yrs divorce 4 3 never been with anyboy else what a fool i was now im paying the price i cant have children i know it was him who gave me STD BEWARE!!

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I have a stalker on hi5 and Tagged we sites..i wrote to them several times to tell them about it but they do nothing..i have been bullied and harassed by this member..

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